Saturday.18th  October, 2008

Registration                                                                                     9:30-10:00

Opening Ceremony                                                                       10:00-11:00    

Session I   Medical Biotechnology                                             11:00-1:00

Coffee Break                                                                                   1:00-1:30     

Session II    Pharmaceutical Biotechnology                            1:30-3:30

Lunch Break                                                                                    3:30-4:30

Researchers and Students Poster Sessions4:                     3:00-5:30


Sunday Oct.19, 2008

Session III    Agricultural Biotechnology                                 9:30-11: 30

Coffee Break                                                                                 11:30-12:00

Session IV    Industrial Biotechnology                                    12:00-2:00

Lunch Break                                                                                  2:00-3:00

Session V    Environmental Biotechnology                            3:00-5:00

Researchers and Students Poster Sessions4:                    5:00-6:00

Closing ceremony                                                                       

(Awards and certificates distribution)                                      6:00-7:00

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